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    Finally got around to beating Star Wars Battlefront II's campaign on Xbox One. I don't know what the general consensus is on it but I thought it was pretty sweet, albeit short but I don't mind. Before that I finished Red Dead Redemption II's story. That was 65 hours well spent; really, really good story. Presently I'm casually walking through L.A. Noire again, this time I'm playing the Xbox One remaster.
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      Originally posted by Monkey View Post
      Just beat Zelda, A Link to the Past. Rocking that SNES classic. What's this 'randomizer' you speak of? Is that a virtual console thing? PC?
      Here's the link to the randomizer. You download a copy of the Japanese game rom and then download a file that has the randomly generated material.

      The basic version of it is that all items you obtain through characters, bosses, and chests are randomized. For example, when you find your dying uncle in the underground passage, he normally gives you the sword and shield. In randomizer, it's usually something else like the fire rod or maybe the Cane of Somaria (the one that makes the orange blocks). In the village, you might find the lamp and gloves so your first destination may be Death Mountain instead of heading over to the Eastern Palace. Item placement being randomized means doing everything out of the normal game sequence. For example, you might not need to collect the pendants to draw out the sword from the pedestal (that item is also randomized so it's likely not a sword upgrade anyway) or probably won't have to go and fight the wizard in the light world. It makes each game feel like you're playing it for the first time.

      There are additional options as well such as dungeon randomizer (changing the locations of the dungeons), boss randomizers, and key randomizers. That last one takes all the dungeon keys (big and small keys) and moves them around. You might find the big key for the Swamp Palace in the Desert Palace, for example.

      I usually stick with the basic randomizer version it's been a blast as each game is a new experience. I usually can finish a game around 1 hour and 30 minutes so I'm improving, but sometimes I get an item and think the game is telling me to go one location when it's not so I spend more time.

      Here's a video by ALG Andy. Check out a few minutes of it to see it all in action.

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