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  • In the early 80s, Taito released the arcade game "Front Line". It is a basic run 'n game, similar to Commando, Mercs, Gunsmoke, etc.
    You had to use a dial to rotate the character's gun. There is no way to emulate that game because you'll never be able to replicate the control scheme, unless you build your own. I mean, you can emulate the game, but not the gameplay.

    Track balls in controllers are hard to find and/or expensive. Games that use the feature are few, and nobody makes games like that anymore.

    A game like Star Wars, you just have to buy the arcade game or find a place that has it.
    Operation Wolf, Crossbow, Outrun, Crystal Castles, Centipede. What made these games special many years is also what keeps us from enjoying them now.


    • I could theoretically add a spinner dial to the Alpha-Cade. I have plenty of admin buttons that I don't necessarily need and there are spinners that drop into existing button holes. Problem is there isn't really a spot that feels comfortable enough to me. I could fit one in on the far right side ok but I don't really like that placement. Really I'd just love to have a dedicated trackball/spinner cabinet. Hopefully someday there will be a decent option available.

      You seem to remember a lot of arcade titles. Any recommendations for overlooked games I should try? I've been mostly into golden age stuff lately but I'm up for any era really, I can run pretty much everything up to the switch to 3D graphics as the Raspberry Pi doesn't have enough power for those.


      • Originally posted by sagittarius View Post
        Any recommendations for overlooked games I should try? I've been mostly into golden age stuff lately but I'm up for any era really.
        I'll try to keep titles related to an era.

        These are my favorite old school games no doubt you've played most of them. I won't list titles we've previously mentioned.

        Classics (1970s to about 1985)
        Namco: Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, Dig Dug, Dragon Buster
        Nintendo: Donkey Kong Jr., Popeye
        Konami: Time Pilot, Rush N Attack (AKA Green Beret), Track N Field, Pooyan (AKA Pootan), Gyruss, Jail Break, Frogger
        Sega: Pengo, Chopper Command
        Williams: Moon Patrol
        Taito: Elevator Action
        Data East: Burger Time (AKA Cook Race), Ring King (AKA T.K.O Boxing, AKA King of Boxer)

        Airwolf (AKA Skywolf)
        Mr. Do
        Bump N Jump
        Jungle King (AKA Jungle Hunt - name and character design change between the two versions due to Tarzan lawsuit)
        Kung-Fu Master
        Dragon's Lair
        Tapper (AKA Root Beer Tapper, similar but Tapper had you serve Budweiser)

        1985 to late 80s
        My all-time favorite arcade game. Made by Sega/Wetstone, released in 1987.
        It's Wonder-Boy in a fantasy style medieval setting. Not to be confused with Wonderboy in Monsterworld.

        Son of Phoenix (AKA Repulse, AKA '99 The Last War)
        P47 - The Phantom Fighter
        Cabal (a lot of fun)
        Kid Niki - Radical Ninja
        Golden Axe
        Flying Shark (AKA Sky Shark, AKA Hishou Zame)
        Tiger Road
        Ironman Iron Stewart's Super Off-Road (great with 4 players)
        Cyberball 2072 Tournament Edition (used to own the arcade cabinet)
        Combat School
        Bad Dudes (AKA Dragonninja, AKA Bad Dudes vs. Dragonninja)
        Commando (1985 Capcom version)
        U.N. Squadron (AKA Area 88)
        Double Dragon
        Ghouls N Ghosts
        Altered Beast

        The King of Dragons
        Metal Slug 3 (Neo Geo)
        Killer Instinct
        Samurai Showdown II (Neo Geo)
        King of the Monsters (Neo Geo)
        Raiden II
        WWF Superstars

        Obscure console titles
        Commodore 64: Beach Head I & II, Larry Bird vs. Dr. J, Archon, Uridium, Maniac Mansion
        Nintendo 8-bit: Final Fantasy III (Famicom Japanese version), Super Dodge Ball, Batman, Dragon Warrior IV
        Sega Genesis: Herzog Zwei
        PC Engine CD: Castlevania Rhondo of Blood (favorite Castlevania game of all time)

        That's pretty much it. Some other games like Zaxxon, P.O.W., Spy Hunter, Trojan, Bionic Commando, Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, and Mighty Bomb Jack are a little nostalgic to me, but I'm not sure I can recommend them. You'll have to experiment; no doubt you'll get bored with some games quickly. Nostalgia is a bitch. Like, I really enjoyed the Barracora pinball game, but it's because it was at the local VFW and I played the hell out of it. It's probably a below average pinball game.

        Never cared for Tempest, Defender, Paperboy, Gauntlet, Punch Out!, Night Driver, Pole Position, or Arkanoid, but they are definitely classics. Recommend you try them. Maybe check out the original Mario Bros. (1983 version), Bubbles, Super Pac-Man, RoboTron 2084, and Super Hang On.

        My earliest memories are from 1978, so I was around to see arcades flourish, go on life support, die, and come back as money munching ticket dispensers.

        I've only played about 1,000 or so arcade games, there are probably close to 10,000 at this point. It's impossible to know. The first arcade games I ever played were either Space Invaders or Donkey Kong (DK was a brand new arcade game when I first saw it). Might have played Space Invaders in 1980 at a laundromat. I can almost tell you exactly where I first played every single one of these arcade games. They were my life growing up.

        So many titles have different names depending on what country you play them in.
        I played King of Boxer, Dragonninja, and Green Beret in West Germany.
        In the U.S. these games are known as Ring King, Bad Dues, and Rush N Attack respectively.

        I also remember different companies releasing the same title because of distribution rights. Williams manufactured a lot of Namco titles in the early 80s (notably Pac Man titles). I swear I've seen a Frogger cabinet manufactured by Sega.

        Some games have good home console ports such as Ghouls N Ghosts and Golden Axe. Some home ports are completely different. The NES was a primary offender of this. NES games such as Bionic Commander, Strider, Punch Out!, Double Dragon, and Rygar are nothing like the arcade (hardware limitations, what can you do?).

        The arcade era is over, but if you want to play the real thing in person (while you still can), I recommend the Galloping Ghost arcade just south of Chicago or Funspot in New Hampshire. The Galloping Ghost arcade is crammed as hell, but for $20 you can play all day. Never been to Funspot, but it's absolutely huge and has a great variety.


        • Thank you, that list is massive! I'm familiar with a number of those but at least half of them are new to me. Will start going through the list and slowly adding them over the next couple weeks. I try to take my time adding games so I don't get overwhelmed with too many new ones at once. Really there's nothing stopping me from adding thousands to the cabinet but that's just too many to scroll through so I try to cap it at a couple hundred max. Also need to rotate out some that I'm not really into. I think Gauntlet has to go. I never played it in the arcades and I think I would have liked it, but it really doesn't work in my house. With infinite credits I can just insert coins until I have enough health to be invulnerable. I get the feeling the game would be a lot more fun coming across it in an arcade with maybe three quarters and 30 minutes to spare.

          I didn't know there was a PC Engine CD Castlevania. I'll definitely keep that one in mind when I get another Pi to put together a console emulator. Did you ever play the Castlevania arcade game, Haunted Castle? Not to be confused with the VS Castlevania game which was just an arcade port of the NES game. Man, Haunted Castle is HARD. Not in a fun way either. It's just oppressive. I can't even make it through the first level.

          I need to do the console emulator sooner than later. I'm getting my ass kicked so frequently on the arcade machine that I need to beat the Friday the 13th NES game in 20 minutes again just to regain my self esteem. Really the only issue is I need to find some decent USB controllers and since I don't have any modern consoles I'll have to buy them. But the Pi will run pretty much everything up through Playstation so I'll have nearly every game I grew up playing at my disposal. Not bad for a tiny $35 computer.


          • Rondo of Blood was re-released on the PSP and maybe the virtual console. I have a copy of the Japanese PC Engine CD; a friend of mine modded one of my original X-boxes so that it could play any Sega CD and TG-16/PC Engine CDs. The SNES has a watered down version titled "Dracula X." It's decent, but not quite as good.

            I don't care for Haunted Castle. You basically have to memorize the placement of every single enemy. Your character is too slow, there are cheap hits galore, monsters do too much damage, and I personally feel the collision detection is poor. You only get one life and a handful of continues. Could only get halfway through stage 2. It's hard because it's broken, IMO. I remember Vs. Castlevania; the version I played was on a cocktail table.

            Wonder Boy in Monster Land drops on the Nintendo Switch next week. Now I finally have a reason to buy the system. Herzog Zwei is supposed to come out for the Switch in the future; it was first released almost 30 years ago. Hopefully Dragon Force will get the same treatment (a strategy game for the Sega Saturn that sells for $200 or more on eBay these days). Love Sega Ages for resurrecting the classics.

            I'll buy just about any arcade compilation made to support the developers and use emulation as a last resort when I simply cannot find the game (or it's $$$ for a decades old used copy).

            For the original PSone I recommend Return Fire, Castlevania: SOTN, Parappa the Rapper, and Hot Shots Golf. Tekken 3 was the system's highest rated game the last time I checked. Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy IX and Silent Hill are classics, but the graphics have not aged well.

            Finally, I could never understand Friday the 13th on the NES. Remember in the movies when the counselors threw rocks at zombies? LJN just threw that thing together. Jason is a pain in the ass to kill.... 3 times! Never was any good at it. Those beats, though. Gotta love the 8-bit version of part 3 Jason in the new Friday the 13th game.


            • I've been playing my PS4 a lot lately. My best friend/critique partner suggested the Uncharted series, so I played all 5 of those and really liked them. He & I just started a mutual playthrough of Horizon: Zero Dawn and I'm enjoying that too. It's got a great storyline like the Uncharted games with the open-world concept of Spider-man.

              Next up (per my bestie's suggestion) is inFAMOUS: Second Son.


              • You ever get in the recent Friday the 13th game? A couple of us might go online and do an evening of killing each other in the next few months...


                • I have not, but I'm down if we're gonna do a group thing soon.

                  Isn't there a thread for everyone's gaming ID's? I need to go add some of you guys.


                  • I'm playing tank trouble right now.
                    Be the best version of you!


                    • Skye, my PSN is oltremorte!

                      Currently trudging my way through Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel on PS4. I like the story but am not a fan of the anti-gravity and oxygen stuff.
                      "So I have to go back and fix myself, and take care of myself, and I have to go back and I have to find my smile because somewhere along the line I lost it and I don't care, really, I don't care if it's unpopular, and I don't care if, uh, people want to make fun of me because I'm an emotional guy."


                      • Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel on PS4...kinda. I'm close to the platinum trophy. Just need to grind and get some multiplayer trophies. I started Horizon Zero Dawn the other day but haven't gotten very far yet. I also started Sly 3 on Vita.

                        I played through Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Lego Batman 2, and Lego Batman 3 on Vita as well. Fun little games.
                        "So I have to go back and fix myself, and take care of myself, and I have to go back and I have to find my smile because somewhere along the line I lost it and I don't care, really, I don't care if it's unpopular, and I don't care if, uh, people want to make fun of me because I'm an emotional guy."