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  • Fangoria Returns
    After being run into the ground by The Brooklyn Company in 2015, Fangoria will be returning in tune for Halloween as a quarterly print magazine (under new management).
    As a huge part of my childhood and love of horror, this is welcome news.
    Anyone else like Fangoria?

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    I loved Fangoria back in the 80s... and Gorezone.

    As much as I want to see it return, I don't know if I'd support it. The digital age as it is, the information available at your fingertips in real time (especially breaking stories). I wonder if a quarterly print magazine would be relevant in this day and age. I want to see it succeed, but is it possible? The main draw, IMO, would be professional writing by people who understand and know the industry (and if they can get exclusive interviews, insider info, scoops on plots, etc.). I'll always remember Fangoria #75 (F13 ANB, Child's Play, Phantasm II); I'd love to get a copy of that again. It's amazing how so much has changed in the last 30 years.


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      I still have all my old Fangoria and Gorezone mags. Probably 200 in my parents basement. Couldn’t get rid of them, even though I haven’t read them in years.
      I tend to agree that I don’t know if it’ll work, in the age we live in. But, as someone who loves physical media (books, Blu Ray, hell I still get a newspaper delivered), I’m sure hoping it’ll succeed. May ask my wife for a one year sub for my birthday and go from there.
      I think I have the issue you’re talking about, Monkey. I’ll have to check.


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        Just to update a bit and weigh in on the topic since the release is right around the corner, the crew at the new Fangoria are definitely aware of the complications that come from the immediacy of Internet news, so the focus of the quarterly mag is entirely shifted to retrospectives, editorials, interviews and general features, otherwise everything would be old news by the time it made it to print. They've put together a who's who of A-list talent from some of the best voices in the industry right now, too. I'm in love with the new approach from what I've seen and heard.