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    So, who's still watching The Walking Dead?

    Given my avatar, it's safe to say I'm still a fan of the series. Even so, I haven't quite caught up with the current season. I've been waiting for a friend of mine to swing by so we can marathon everything up to the mid-season finale. It's been hard avoiding spoilers -- in fact, I know about the "shocking reveal" from the mid-season finale already -- and based on what I've heard, I'm not sure the show has a whole lot of life left in it.

    With last week's episode, they've now diverged from the source material in the most drastic way so far. In fact they've gone so far off script that I'm not even sure how they'll tackle the next couple of story arcs, as those arcs rely heavily on something/someone that is going to be drastically changed by the end of the season. This has lead to speculation that the show might not have long left; that AMC is getting ready to kill the parent series in order to focus on Fear the Walking Dead.

    It wouldn't surprise me. I'm still enjoying the show, but the ratings have reached their lowest since season 2, and they've been hemorrhaging viewers since the beginning of season 7. On top of that, at least one actor has referred to season 8 as "one of the show's final few seasons", and AMC has yet to contract the leads for another year -- Andrew Lincoln revealed he's still not signed up for next year. They haven't even renewed the show for a 9th season yet, which is unique in and of itself.

    My guess? They're going to do two more years and then end it. A ten year run will put the in a good position for syndication and streaming packages, and then they can focus on Fear the Walking Dead, a franchise that isn't restricted by the confines of the source material or increasingly critical fan base.
    "How do you turn this off, then?"

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    I've become increasingly bored with it to the point where it's taken a week for me to watch the last episode.

    I think it's become too grim. I'd like to see them actually achieve some happiness/peace and tell some individual stories for a while.

    Like have a Jesus centred episode where he goes seeking some mcguffin for some random survivor and has an adventure.


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      I've seen similar sentiments elsewhere, Rich. I've never expected or wanted that kind of content from The Walking Dead -- the comic too is incredibly grim pretty much all the time -- but I wouldn't necessarily resist it, either. The episode where Rick and Daryl meet Jesus in the first place had some pretty good moments of levity (there was even a really quiet Wilhelm Scream in the episode that still makes me chuckle when I think about it), and I wouldn't shy away from more of that.
      "How do you turn this off, then?"


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        I have been meaning to watch this, but I am currently watching Bates Motel and American Horror Story.


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          I enjoyed the first few seasons, but the thrill has been gone for a few years now. Doesn't the show just seem too repetitive?

          Fight zombies, find a new place to live, zombies and/or evil humans mess it up. Humans may or may not seem friendly at first and there may be a psycho leader. Rinse/repeat.
          Negan seems like 'The Governor' on steroids.
          SPOILERIn the comic, after Negan is subdued, they do find peace for some time until a different set of evil humans mess things up.

          All that said, I'd hate to see them cancel the show before they wrap up loose ends. They could speed up the narrative over a final season or two, I hope they don't abruptly end the show. I'll probably binge watch the latest season after its over.


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            I don't think the repetitiveness would be so much a problem if it wasn't so repetitively grim. There's no respite from it. I don't watch TV to be depressed all the time, if there's never any joy how do they expect me to find any watching the show?


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              Started watching season #1 recently and I like it a lot. It feels like a loose adaptation of the original Romero's films.


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                I'll watch this show until it ends. While I still like it, I'd say it started losing its steam after season four or so. But boy do I love Negan. Jeffrey Dean Morgan just chews that scenery whenever he can and is absolutely great.

                Last night's episode was one of the best episodes this season. One of the best in the past few years, really.
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