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  • Friday the 13th: The Game (2017)

    On December 18th, Shelly will be making his way to Gun Media's Friday the 13th as a playable character.

    One of the most beloved characters in the Friday the 13th franchise is Shelly Finkelstein, who of course brought the iconic hockey mask to the series in Part 3. If you’ve ever wanted to play as Shelly in Friday the 13th: The Game, he’s coming soon!

    The game’s developers just revealed tonight that Shelly will be added into the game as a playable counselor with the next patch, which will be FREE OF CHARGE.

    And yes, Larry Zerner reprised the role to voice the character!

    Shelly Finkelstein will be coming back to Camp Crystal Lake to troll his fellow counselors…that is until Jason shows up! Get Shelly for free with the latest patch!” they tweeted tonight. “The latest update will be coming for PS4 and Steam on Monday, Dec. 18th with the Xbox One patch to follow shortly.”

    Looking forward to seeing what his stats/characteristics will be like... and whether or not he has a rubber in his wallet.
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    I played so much of this game when it first came out but I don't think I've picked it up in 4 months. I was finding it harder and harder to get into a game with both decent people and a stable session. Should probably give it another go.


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      I haven't put a lot of time into it yet, in part due to our crummy Internet connection, and in part because I'm a little bit obsessed with Dead by Daylight at the moment. Friday the 13th has got more going for it in terms of licensing -- the developers have put a lot of TLC into the game's atmosphere and locations -- but I just dig the gameplay loop in Dead by Daylight more.

      I wish the game had cross platform play, because I know a lot of people who play it, but they're not all on the same system. My core group of friends play it on PC, but Notti is playing it over on PS4, so I haven't been able to play with him at all.
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        Originally posted by Comfy Jeans View Post
        I wish the game had cross platform play, because I know a lot of people who play it, but they're not all on the same system. My core group of friends play it on PC, but Notti is playing it over on PS4, so I haven't been able to play with him at all.
        Agreed. Practically every one I knows plays it on PC, but I'm on PS4.

        One of these days, I'll have to get a gaming PC...


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          I’m playing on Xbox One.

          I played the hell hell out of it when it first came out. Oddly enough, my 10 year old daughter has fallen in love with the game and is better than I am at it. I regularly watch her play as Jason and kill 6 or 7 people. I don’t let her use a mic, but would think it was pretty funny if I could teach her to talk trash.
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            I'm planning to pick up the PS4 version at some point just so I can play with Notti. I'll probably grab it during a sale sometime next year.
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              I bought a PS4 specifically to get this game.
              I really enjoy it, but rarely have the time to game at all.
              I was just glad to support the creators and feel this may very well be the only new content we see related to the franchise for a ling time (if ever) at this point.
              I have more fun playing the councilors, because i really suck as Jason, rarely killing all councilors.
              I can't wait for the single-player mode and have messed around with the bots and played through some of the virtual cabin.
              As goofy as it sounds I'd love to see some group create a web series using the game, much like Red vs Blue used Halo to create one.


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                I'm back to playing this, even saved VV's arse yesterday (shot Jason as he picked him up).

                I think a lot of the issues with the game were ironed out as far as they could be over the last few patches. People are still dicks though. Equally yesterday I had someone let me fix both parts of the boat, and then shot me with the shotgun so their friend could take it instead, but then on another game had someone drive out of their way and wait for me so I could get in the car and escape. While it's frustrating it does accurately represent that humsncan be shitbags.


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                  The law suit has finally affected the game.
                  GUN Media announced that due to the current lawsuit there will be no further updates or new content released for the game.
                  Bug fixes and dedicated servers will continue, but the law suit makes future game modes, Jasons and maps and anythinng else impossible.


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                    That's sad news as I was really looking forward to seeing that Grendel Map & Uber Jason. Maybe they'll release it when the lawsuit is over with, given that it doesn't last a decade.
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