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  • January/february chat

    Hi all --

    I miss watching movies every Saturday night a great deal and I wonder if we can start from where we have left off.

    I will be busy until January 8, but it would be amazing if Skye and others could start planning/choosing potential titles for us to watch together every Saturday night.

    So glad that we have this brand new website and that we can chat again!!

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    I'm in! We can schedule in advance on this site too (need to remember to teach Skye to use that feature) so there's nothing stopping us throwing some in ahead of time.


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      I think I'll be around this Saturday evening at 10PM Central if anyone's interested in watching something or even just popping into chat, but chat will officially resume Jan. 6th.


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        I can make that I think. What we watching?


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          My mom came visit me (yay); I'll be with her until the 8th.


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            It's been a while since I've watched a Halloween film - how about Curse of Michael Myers?


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              I'm thinking that to start, we can make our way through the classic franchises: Halloween, Friday the 13th, ANoES, Child's Play, etc. with fill-ins to round out extra Saturdays during the month. July will always be Jaws/shark month, however, so whatever franchise we're working our way through at that time will be put on hold.



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                I would like to see some input from others. Suggestions, a recent release to video, a hidden gem on netflix/amazon/hulu, a classic, etc. I would like to see more buy-in/influence from members. Get more variety and participation from the board. I'm easy when it comes to horror flicks.

                On that note, I would like to see Happy Death Day in late January; it will be available on January 2 (digitally) and January 16 (Blu/DVD). I have been holding it off to see it with Skye & Westin. Groundhog Day meets horror. What's not to love?


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                  The problem with the original system that worked a lot like what Monkey is suggesting was that a lot of hard-to-find & obscure movies were being nominated/selected, so people weren't showing up for them.

                  With that being said, I'm 100% open for input & film suggestions from others. Happy Death Day is a great choice; I missed it in theaters and have been wanting to see it.


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                    As far as suggestions go, I feel I have watched everything & only watch what is on Netflix these days.

                    I do think we should find new movies for July, as we have seen "Jaws I, II, III, IV" way too many times. Perhaps, "The Shallows," "The Reefs," "Black Water," "Anaconda," etc.


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                      Here's another one I'd like to see soon, Jan/Feb if possible.
                      Black Sheep (2006)

                      Not the one with Chris Farley.
                      A description: An experiment in genetic engineering turns harmless sheep into bloodthirsty killers that terrorize a sprawling New Zealand farm.

                      How did I miss this movie?!?


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                        I am in the mood for watching the new IT.


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                          Ok, so how about Jan 13th: IT

                          Jan 20th: Black Sheep

                          Jan 27th: Happy Death Day

                          We can work out February's films closer to then.


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                            Works for me! What is Black Sheep about?


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                              February's movies have been posted!