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Halloween (2018) sequel: Official Discussion

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  • Halloween (2018) sequel: Official Discussion

    Sequel has been confirmed.

    I thought the 2018 movie had good cinematography and was a good standalone film. While watching it, though, I felt like I had seen it before:
    • Michael Myers escaping while his body is being transferred? Yeah, we saw that in Halloween 4 and Rob Zombie's Halloween 2. Check and check.
    • Michael Myers engulfed in flames? Yeah, that is a nod to Halloween 2. We also had a similar ending in Halloween Resurrection with Myer's house catching fire.
    Personally, I far prefer H20 as a standalone film than the 2018 because H20 does the same as the 2018 movie (empowering Laurie Strode) while providing closure.

    But a sequel has been announced, it is going to happen, and this thread is for all of you to discuss it.

    Me, I just hope they won't make the same mistakes from the past again: (1) linking Laurie to Michael as his sister, or (2) killing Laurie.