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The Thing (1982)

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  • The Thing (1982)

    The greatest horror movie ever made.
    I could talk about this movie for hours.


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    I hadn't re-watched this in maybe 17 years when I caught it on TV just after Christmas. I hadn't even bothered to check out the premake until a couple of weeks ago.

    Basically I'm a dumbass. I seem to remember teenage me being really not bothered about it, but on revisiting it I was blown away. Such an awesome film. I love how the characters are overblown 80's characters... but still act in a really human way. It's got gore sure, but it's use is limited to the set-pieces while the suspense builds. That ending too...

    One of my colleagues was lucky enough to get to watch it on an Arctic base in a previous career. Lucky bastard,


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      Also, I need this:

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        One of the best horror films, ever. Carpenters other masterwork, along side Halloween. As good today as it was 35 years ago (and the effects still hold up...who needs CGI).


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          I always really loved this movie, then I watched this dude's videos on Youtube going into more analysis of it and they made me appreciate it even more. Just ingenious filmmaking by Carpenter.


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            As you can see by my avatar, I love this film and I watch it several times a year and have since it was in theaters. The Thing and Jaws are probably tied for 1st place.


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              Another thing that really sticks out is that "The Thing" is an all male cast. The only female is the voice of the computer chess game Macready plays in the beginning. This is very uncommon in modern film other than in some war films. It just seems like that alone was a gamble of sorts for Carpenter.


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                Nowadays, the film would be attacked for it.

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              Rich, how old is that LP?

              I always wanted to get the Alamo Drafthouse version of this movie poster by Tyler Stout. They're almost impossible to find and go for $$$. One of the cool things is the subtle color of the eyes in the poster (ids who was and wasn't infected). I e-mailed Stout to see if he'd make a reprint or re-issue, but they only do one run for each poster. Legal stuff, he said. Amazing artist.

              Im not so sure if I buy into the Child's theory. Also, as much as I love this movie... I never got into the follow ups (PS2/Xbox game or the comics). If the comics are cannon, it will be the only macready or childs follow up we get (I can't remember if childs was still human). I can't see David or Russell revising their characters.

              If you saw the "premake" 2011 version, what did you think? I was satisfied with it and happy to see the other camp's story getting told. The effects weren't up to par, but you can't top the original. Just have to reel in expectations a bit.


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                That LP was last year - sold out unfortunately. Waxwork are the guys that did the clear vinyl F13 soundtrack filled with blood.

                Childs is SPOILERambiguous at the end of the movie. It ends with Mcacready and Childs calling a standoff and waiting to die in the cold. Macready is too tired to fight him even if he is a Thing.

                I liked the Premake. I did it a bit of a diservice by watching it within a couple of days of the original which is mind-blowingly good and holds up well despite its age. It didn't have anything particularly surprising for me but it was very enjoyable and did a good job of capturing the original's feel.


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                  Originally posted by Mrmojo View Post
                  As you can see by my avatar, I love this film and I watch it several times a year and have since it was in theaters. The Thing and Jaws are probably tied for 1st place.
                  Same here but I would add Halloween as well.

                  You know, its funny that we are all talking about the story and suspense and subtleties of the film that make it great and we haven't been mentioning the special effects, which are mind-blowingly good for the time and still amazing to this day. I watch this film and enjoy the effects in it way more than anything with a ton of CGI.


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                    Have any of you played the board game? It's a 4-8 player experience that is best when you have six players. I believe one of you is infected and you take turns going on missions; it's supposed to capture the feel of the movie. I'm picking it up soon and one of you may win it in the next game.


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                      My Amicus box set didn't arrive today like it was supposed to so instead I'll dive into my Scream! Factory release of The Thing tonight. Hey, it's only been sitting on the shelf for 6 months. That's pretty good!
                      People hyping up latest comic book movie to be the GOAT and I'm like "psshh, you guys must not have seen Bigfoot rip off a man's dick before in 1980's Night of the Demon."


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                        True to my word (for once), I watched this again after a few years. It just continues to age for the better as time passes on. The effects still hold up, but I'll echo the above sentiments about the film's theme of trust. It's interesting that you could also see issues of race in it between Clark and Childs, but this never overshadows the core of the movie and only plays into it. My favorite part is when MacReady and Copper investigate the Norwegian station. The mystery of what happened to the outpost and its crew to commit suicide in addition to the twisted figure of flesh uncovered outside sucks me right into the story. The same goes for Alien. The exploration of the planet with the derelict ship and its unfortunate pilot capture my imagination and draws me into the events after as the crew of the Nostromo fight for their lives.

                        I forgot I have the Alan Dean Foster novelization of The Thing on my shelf. Maybe if I can get some free time this week, I'll give it a read.
                        People hyping up latest comic book movie to be the GOAT and I'm like "psshh, you guys must not have seen Bigfoot rip off a man's dick before in 1980's Night of the Demon."


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                          The contest for "The Thing" prizes is set.

                          March 3rd movie chat is The Thing (2011)
                          March 10th movie chat is The Thing (1982)

                          There are two prizes and two contests. The contests will be trivia games before the viewing of the movies, one contest prior to each movie. If you know your stuff, chances are you can win. More details in the contest thread.


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                            I realy need to read the book. I've promised myself I'll read more this year, so I'm planning on reading some books that then became movies. Currently reading Jaws but this might be a good shout for the next one.

                            I agree with you Chex- it does an absolutely amazing job of just sucking you into that world, you're almost there with them. It's unsettling from the start and that helps build that tension when they realise that one/some/all of them could be the Thing. It's all so simple, while also conveying complex themes and relationships.

                            I love that Macready starts off trying to survive, then comes around to stopping the Thing to save the planet... then later it's alike a swicth goes off and he just wants to fry the bastard. It becomes personal, and seems like a sensible way that someone in that situation might rationalise their mission.