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  • Sequel to Halloween (2018)

    I have no clue as to what to call the next installment. Halloween 2 even though the 2018 film is a sequel? Halloween 3 although then it would beg the question of where is Halloween 2? Whatever. New information is rolling in on what we all knew was coming.

    After adapting a pair of Stephen King novels for Blumhouse, Scott Teems is in talks to write the sequel to David Gordon Green‘s Halloween, which will be based on a well-liked treatment Teems has already written for the company, multiple sources familiar with the project have told Collider.

    Blumhouse had no comment.

    Halloween stars Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer and Andi Matichak are all expected to return along with producer Jason Blum, whose production company will produce the sequel alongside Miramax and Trancas International Films — with Universal expected to once again handle distribution. Miramax’s Bill Block and longtime franchise producer Malek Akkad will also produce, and I imagine David Gordon Green and Danny McBride will end up retaining their executive producer credits alongside Curtis and O.G. Halloween director John Carpenter.

    2018’s Halloween ended with the three generations of Strode women trapping Michael in the basement of Laurie’s booby-trapped house as it proceeds to burn to the ground. As a big fan of the film, I’d personally love to see David Gordon Green return to direct, but at this point, that remains unclear, if not altogether unlikely.

    While Teems himself has experience behind the camera, having made his feature directorial debut with the well-reviewed 2009 indie That Evening Sun starring Hal Holbrook, he’s only making a deal to write the script at this point. That shouldn’t come as a major surprise, as he has become one of Blum’s go-to writers, having adapted King’s book Firestarter and his novella The Breathing Method for Blumhouse. Scott Derrickson is attached to direct the latter, while Fatih Akin is attached to direct the former, which is also being produced by Akiva Goldsman.

    There’s no clear timetable for the Halloween sequel, but I’d imagine Blumhouse would like to have this out in time for the spooky holiday in 2020, as this year seems a bit too soon. Then again, Blumhouse moves fast, so anything’s possible, and the company is slated to release an untitled film on Oct. 18, 2019. That slot could go to David Koepp‘s You Should Have Left starring Kevin Bacon and Amanda Seyfried or the recent Sundance entry Sweetheart starring Kiersey Clemons, if not the Halloween sequel itself. The most recent Michael Myers movie took in $76 million during its opening weekend en route to a worldwide gross of $253 million. Not bad for a movie with a $10 million budget, eh?

    On the small screen, Teems served as a writer-director-producer on the acclaimed drama Rectify, and he also served as a co-EP on Narcos: Mexico in addition to directing the 2014 documentary Holbrook/Twain: An American Odyssey. He’s represented by Paradigm and Brillstein Entertainment Partners.

    It's too early to tell, but it seems as if Green will not be returning to direct. I'm not upset about that, but I thought Curtis once stated she would only come back if he sat in the director's chair. She's the strongest part of the 2018 movie so if doesn't have her, that's a bump in the road.

    I was hoping (and maybe this could be the case still) that the new installment would continue on during the same night. The Strodes think they're safe, but they discover Myers survived. Laurie becomes frantic as all her 40 years of planning, despite it being nothing more than SPOILERcreating a trap room and stuffing mannequins in her house, has failed and so she hunts after Michael. It would be like with Loomis, but her in the role of pursuer as she understands this is her one chance to end it. Maybe have Myers cross paths with the other Strode women while Laurie is out doing her thing since Michael isn't seeking anyone out specifically any longer. Have him continue to cause havoc upon the citizens of Haddonfield. Plus, this could tie up some loose ends like the jerk boyfriend that vanishes halfway through the story.
    People hyping up latest comic book movie to be the GOAT and I'm like "psshh, you guys must not have seen Bigfoot rip off a man's dick before in 1980's Night of the Demon."

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    I'm not familiar with Teems, but moving away from Green/McBride can only be a step up IMO.

    I'm sure JLC will be back if they want her. There just aren't many major roles for an actress her age and certainly none that come with a very lucrative backend deal as I'm sure this would. I agree she's the best part of 2018 but at the same time without the sibling angle there really isn't any reason for her to be there. It took a ridiculous plot contrivance to get them in the same room last time. Also, I'll never fully embrace someone other than Debra Hill writing that character.


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      She'll come back... if they pay her what she wants.

      Times have changed. Actresses like Jamie Lee Curtis can reject work if they want to. Besides, there are rumors of a "Scream Queens" comeback, as a movie or limited series, and I am sure Curtis would gladly reprise her role because Ryan Murphy... well, everybody wants to work with him. Ideally, I would love to see Curtis in "American Horror Story," or better, "American Crime Story." She could shine and get an Emmy much like Sarah Paulson did. She is a talented actress. She deserves to shine in a more serious role.


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        I think they'd be best served by dropping the number format and just use a subtitle (ala Avengers or Hellraiser).

        Personally, I want closure. I hoped the 2018 film would have completed the original story. It was about what I expected. Guess I'll be watching the sequel whenever it hits.


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          Can't wait to grab a copy of the DVD. Still haven't watched this.