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    The Rite (2011) with Anthony Hopkins

    I spent years avoiding this film because of the bad reviews it got. Netflix is streaming it and I had nothing to do, so I decided to watch it a few days ago. . .

    WOW, this may be the best supernatural thriller, possession movie from this decade.

    Eerie, spooky, atmospheric.

    Watching it again.


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      Augmented Reality
      The moment is initiated in space, when cursed particles are accumulated forming the planet Earth; magma is then stored as a memory of atoms whose particles generate different nuclei constructing the matter of the damned;
      in the course of these situations, vampire individuals sharpen their memories to what they simulate a virtual world, thoughts then plan the destruction of all the condemned in the course of this secret evolution;

      Thus a society of dying beings crawl their perceptions trying to echo in the void the essence of their particles; in an act of possession then the initiation of performances and farces spread the viruses to what eventually emerge from the depths succumbing the fame of successions with the powers of snooping;
      in this way gossip enriches the realities, and zombie societies are controlled by the media and computers are then trained to process this information;

      At this moment the planet undergoes social attacks, the advance and creation of the Augmented Reality then inhibit the perception of the putrefying presence of several beings in which they hide in the virtual advertisements; virtual values through memes are stored on the internet in the disposition of viewers who restart the process by succumbing to social pirates; in Augmented Reality, attacking the memory of the new condemned Residents of Artificial Intelligence;

      Drama; Triller; Suspense; Sci-Fi; Horror; Apocalyptic; Documentary;
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        I started watching the Apostle on the road trip home. My cell phone screen is way too dark, though. Could not see what was happening, going to finish the movie tonight at home.

        The Rite was a decent flick, better than I had expected.


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          Halloween (2018)

          I just finished watching it (first time viewing) and don't know what to think about it. I will have to watch it at least 3 more times.

          Most immediate reaction: it is superior to the Halloween films made in the last two decades and as a sequel it works better than Halloween 2 (1981). On the other hand, Halloween H20 does the same as this movie (brings back the main character as an adult having to deal with the trauma from the past) and provides closure in a way that no other Halloween sequel has done, to date.