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Which horror movie are you watching RIGHT NOW?

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  • Which horror movie are you watching RIGHT NOW?

    I am watching "Sabrina" (2018), a Netflix Original Film.

    It feels like the Asian version of "The Conjuring."


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    Kicking off the New Year with Jason Lives, because now all of my comfort horror movies I watch way too often are movies I haven't seen all year.

    The tone of this movie is so fun that if the Monster Squad showed up at this camp, I wouldn't even bat an eye.

    I also love this thread idea.


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      Seems like the perfect time to view... New Year's Evil (1980).
      IMDb rating is 4.8/10.
      Seems like a cheesy slasher with lousy music. Good enough for me. I don't have anywhere to be right now.

      Currently on Amazon Prime


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        New Year's Evil is definitely not what I expected when I first saw it. Almost has more in common with Die Hard With A Vengeance than a traditional slasher.


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          Annabelle, the first one. It is average.

          I saw a used copy of Annabelle II for 10.50 and considered buying, but didn't fearing it could be not good. I kind of regretted later because I love "The Conjuring" universe.

          I wish they'd make an Annabelle movie depicting the actual events written by the Warrens, just as they wrote in their book.


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            Following Monkey's suggestion, I am watching The Babysitter on Netflix. Good movie. However, if I were behind the lens, I would completely remove all the comedy and make a movie that felt like The People Under the Stairs meets Scream.


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              Watching Annabelle: Creation for the first time ever. All I ask for is to feel entertained.


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                Originally posted by Westin View Post
                Watching Annabelle: Creation for the first time ever. All I ask for is to feel entertained.


                This was just as bad as the first Annabelle.

                I am skipping The Nun.


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                  The Nun isn't anything special. There's a video on youtube explaining why "The Nun" is everything that's wrong with horror movies today. The man who created that video also created a video about "Hereditary" and why it's the exact opposite. I haven't seen Annabelle: Creation and probably won't. There's also another movie coming out in "The Conjuring Universe" and finally The Conjuring 3.


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                    I don't understand why James Wan and the studio would mess up the Annabelle story. First of all, Annabelle was a Raggedy Ann Doll. As the Warrens wrote, the doll was bought at a hobby store. The doll was given to a 28 year old nursing student who shared an apartment with her roommates. The doll changed positions. There was a séance. There was demonic and paranormal activity. The story written by the Warrens is immaculately scary and genuinely scary. Why not to tell the real story, as it happened?

                    I have noticed that James Wan is introducing his own characters, such as the nun and the crooked man, in the universe of the Warrens. This is not right. James Wan and the studio should respect the book The Demonologist, which accurately depicts the events investigated by Ed and Lorraine Warren.

                    Wan messed up the Annabelle story, created a fictional character that never existed, the nun, and an upcoming movie on the crooked man (another fictional character) is coming soon... why to fictionalize events when said events are far scarier according to the original source material?


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                      Now watching: Final Destination 1 & 2 (double-feature)

                      These two movies have aged incredibly well & feel amazingly fresh. Originality and creativity.

                      I have not seen Final Destination 5 yet. Good?


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                        Carrie (2013)

                        Solid. It grabbed my attention from the beginning. The story of Carrie is fascinating and I actually prefer this movie over that from 1976 because Sissy Spacek aside, I hate the 1976 movie: the wardrobe, the fashion of the time, the score.


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                          A few years ago I picked up the final destination collection. For the life of me, the only ones I can recall are the first one and the one where the protagonists avoid an auto accident. One of the movies involved an amusement park. Only remember that because of the dvd cover art.

                          I've seen Final Destination 5, but I cannot remember a single detail from it. The Final Destination series reminds me of the Transformers franchise. Decent, but mostly bland and forgettable.

                          Hard to believe they made a Carrie in 2002 as well. IMO, the plot isn't so compelling they had to make the movie 3 separate times. Did you notice Nancy Allen and PJ Soles in the '76 version? Finally, I agree with you on the 'fashion' of that time. 70s clothing styles need to stay in 70s.


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                            I do recall seeing PJ Soles in the 1976 version (she went to the prom with her hat).

                            I think Tommy Ross should have paid Carrie to be his date in both versions. They have made him so unlikeable.


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                              Jason Goes to Hell

                              Many fans hate it, but I happen to like it a lot. This Netflix version is censored, though. A lot of cuts.