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Friday the 13th lawsuit -- the saga continues

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    Moderator note:

    Darth Reaper, I appreciate how respectful and polite you have been while expressing your opinions. I also appreciate your contribution to this discussion.

    The message below feels hostile and aggressive and, therefore, it does not deserve a reply. Reply only if you wish to do so.

    Thank you.

    Originally posted by DevonteHuntley View Post
    And given how ridiculous it is for even the books to get away with it, it doesn't need to be expanded any further. Frankly the books need to stop doing it so it keeps people like you for thinking everything else can just warrant the same ridiculous train wreck of continuity messes and redos. Just make one series and one continuity and leave it at that.


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      Originally posted by DevonteHuntley View Post
      And my thing is, he should have. There's really nothing different in many of these adaptions apart from the actors and story twists. There's only little things different, nothing huge so in the end it's all worthless.
      As long as a story succeeds in entertaining me, it's done the only thing it needs to do.

      Well then make stories about those new characters in their OWN series. Why does it need to involve icons who are passed their prime?
      That's what I was saying. There can continue to be Michael, Jason, and Freddy movies for those who want them, and there can be movies about new characters in new stories for those who want them. If you're looking for something new and different, you can go see a movie about something that's new and different. If you want the familiarity of Michael, Jason, and Freddy, you can have that.


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        Originally posted by Darth Reaper View Post

        As long as a story succeeds in entertaining me, it's done the only thing it needs to do.
        That's precisely what I expect from any movie.

        Has it entertained me?

        If "yes," then it fulfilled its mission.


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          Originally posted by DevonteHuntley
          You are overreacting. That comment was not hostile at all. Anything I write deserves a reply. Now that's is pretty hostile to just throw out there.
          Let's review your choice of words...

          Originally posted by DevonteHuntley View Post
          There's stupid people who live in this world and most of them watching this movie are younglings who don't know anything about continuity and what goes with what. That's not good when you're trying to tell a story and making it hard for them to keep up.

          Suppose, I don't mind reboots/remakes, continuity, or the idea of sequels being erased. Am I stupid? According to the way you have expressed yourself, you say that I am.

          DevonteHuntley, I appreciate your opinions, but I wish you would express yourself more politely.

          For example, rather than saying: "There's stupid people who live in this world and most of them watching this movie are younglings who don't know anything about continuity and what goes with what..."

          Why not to say: "Personally, I believe that Hollywood executives and studios have no creativity whatsoever. Writers and filmmakers nowadays are so unimaginative that they have to literally remake movies from the past (almost scene-by-scene). I feel that these writers are utterly incompetent and lack imagination! They are incapable to see that stories can be connectable and expandable and that fans, such as myself, care about continuity."

          Do you notice the difference?

          The way you originally expressed yourself is an attack, a personal one.

          The way I suggested you to express yourself is your personal opinion, a firm and strong opinion, may I add.

          Am I overreacting, as you say?

          Perhaps, I am, but the reason I am doing it is that I want to avoid conflict in our community. A post like the one you wrote, calling people stupid, may intimidate others to express a different opinion and we value diversity.

          Do I make sense?


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            Originally posted by DevonteHuntley
            So entertainment rises above actual purpose and creativity? That's disappointing.
            Creativity can be entertaining. The two don't have to be mutually exclusive. Maybe our ideas of creativity are different.

            And, as for purpose, that's a matter of opinion. To me, the main purpose of movies is to entertain. Anything else is an added bonus.

            And forcing yourself to like them just to excuse your need to keep them running is not smart either. It's a rather clear sign of desperation.
            I don't force myself to like anything. I either like it or I don't, and if I don't like it I don't watch it. I haven't watched the latest Hellraiser movie because what I have seen of it doesn't appeal to me. I generally don't watch the Rob Zombie Halloween movies because they don't appeal to me, although I can sometimes find some merit in them. I don't watch Friday The 13th part 5 very much because it's my least favorite of the series. Same goes for Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare and Halloween 5 & 6.

            I can look at a thousand different pictures of The Incredible Hulk, created by a thousand different artists, and I can enjoy them all, because even though they're all about the same thing, each artist can bring their own style to the subject and put their own spin on it.


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              Nowadays, with Netflix and so many choices of movies to watch, I feel that quantity doesn't feel as important as quality.

              Because I don't have much time nowadays, watching a movie to me feels like gambling. If it entertains me --even if only slightly-- I feel satisfied.

              The last movie I watched that entertained me was "Truth or dare" (2017). I started watching it without even knowing its premise. Surprisingly, it felt a bit like like one of the "Nightmare on Elm Street" movies, I thought, and then, while watching it, I felt even more surprised to see Heather Langenkamp (Nancy) playing a role similar to the one she played in "A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors" (1987). Not a masterpiece, but I enjoyed it and felt that I didn't waste my time. I felt entertained. Positive reviews, too.

              Later, I discovered that Blumhouse made a movie with the same title, "Truth or dare" (2018), and with the exact same premise and story. I didn't watch the Blumhouse movie, but allegedly it bombed. Poor reviews and box office, I think.
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