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Chiller TV shuts down operations

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  • Chiller TV shuts down operations

    So Chiller ceased all operations on December 31st, 2017. Did anybody on here watch this channel at all in its dying days? I haven't watched it since I dropped DirecTV in like 2011 or 2012, but I do remember watching it quite a bit when I was younger. It was the first channel that showed me Return of the Living Dead when I was 10 or 11, and I remember watching some other decent movies and shows on there when the channel wasn't too old.

    I think what ultimately killed is that starting out, they actually showed some good movies and shows, but as time went on they syndicated some crappy shows that I didn't really consider close to the subject matter of horror or even sci-fi, and the movies they showed were all crappy newer B-movies. You can get some enjoyment out of those but when all the movies you're showing are Syfy made-for-TV level movies, its no surprise nobody is gonna watch it.

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    I loved the channel. Sure, they showed a lot of crap I'd either never heard of or had no interest in, but every so often you'd find something fantastic. I remember watching The Babadook two or three times during one week last month thanks to Chiller.


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      Would have liked to have had Chiller TV back in its heyday.

      TV has changed so much over the years. I remember when Comedy Central used to run bumpers/skits between commercials back in the early 90s (Monty Python, SNL, etc.). TV now seems so formulaic and desperate for ad revenue that cutting corners/costs is the norm until a station has become something else entirely and killed the golden goose.

      Had a long diatribe on this, but honestly... I think with streaming and availability being what it is now, the TV model is simply dying out. Horror movies (and TV shows) are easy to find now more than ever. The convenience of making your own selection on your own time >>>> following a TV schedule with limited variety. I've had HBO for the last two years and other than watching Game of Thrones, I don't think I sat down for more than one movie on the channel.


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        We have the Horror Channel over here and it sounds like we've got a similar problem: it's too busy airing Wonder Woman reruns to show anything remotely good, and when it does there's a whole host of crap either side. Why would I watch a movie with ads when I can just stream it on Amazon/Netflix?

        Has anyone tried Shudder?


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          I used to love this channel when it first came out. I believe they are the ones who took over FearNet at the time. I loved when they would have the old shows like Monsters, Freddy's Nightmares, Beyond Belief and Brimstone on. I kinda had a feeling they were going down hill when they only made one post in 2017 on their Twitter account.


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            I wasn't even aware of Chiller going under; I used to love it when they were airing reruns of Freddy's Nightmares & Beyond Belief. Especially Beyond Belief as I loved that show when it was originally airing. I believe they even had reruns of The X-Files they were airing at one point. I hadn't had access to Chiller for several years until last year & usually watched the reruns of the '90s Outer Limits when they'd air them up until at least November. Kinda makes me sad that the channel doesn't exist anymore.
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