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Random Horror Thoughts: The Lament Configuration

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    Thank you so much for this list, Monkey.

    I am currently watching Hellraiser: Judgement. By watching it, though, I mean that I am trying to get into it. It has an interesting concept, but I haven't finished watching it yet.

    The last horror film I watched on Netflix was "Sabrina" and it was like an Indonesian version of The Conjuring. I didn't enjoy it much, but the movie had some great scenes and it felt atmospheric at times.


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      Originally posted by Monkey View Post

      Random Thought: Have there been any decent horror movies with the word "Haunting" in the title?
      The Haunting (1963). One of the best of its sub-genre.


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        I will probably check that out someday. The '99 version is meh.

        Finally saw (760) Zombie Hood. I've never been able to find it on streaming until last night.

        There are a few memorable bits. The creator/writer/producer/etc. is a cinephile. Homages include iconic scenes/imagery from Night of the Living Dead, E.T., and Gladiator. A particularly gruesome bit involving a bathtub stands out in what is otherwise a bland flick. One of the characters likes to point guns at people for no reason. If I were English, I'd probably call him a twat or wanker. He was almost as annoying as the teacher from Jason Takes Manhattan. This movie is full of the scariest kind of horror villain: the magically appearing out of nowhere to bite your ankle zombie. Not a single human survivor in this movie has an IQ north of 90. Not a single person in the movie should be allowed to carry a firearm. The people on screen excel at making bad decisions, and consistently daydream whenever zombies start to close in on them. You may find yourself yelling at the TV only to be speechless for the final scene. Overall it was fairly entertaining, but man... the people are STUPID.

        Zombie Hood is a training video: It shows you what NOT to do in a zombie apocalypse.

        Finally, has anybody else noticed a lot of big name stars from 20-30 years ago are doing a lot of work on Amazon and Netflix? Sandra Bullock and John Malkovich are both in Netflix's Bird Box. That's just one example. I knock Netflix for its lack of variety, but at least they're constantly creating new content and using talented people as well. Bird Box could have been released in theaters; the production values are good.


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          Originally posted by Chex View Post
          John Carpenter versus Nintendo Labo.

          He is actually obsessed with video games and spends the whole day playing them.


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            I'm just going to drop this off here without any comment or suggestion as to what film it's from.

            Last edited by Chex; 02-03-2019, 05:55 AM.
            People hyping up latest comic book movie to be the GOAT and I'm like "psshh, you guys must not have seen Bigfoot rip off a man's dick before in 1980's Night of the Demon."


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              I had a dream about Student Bodies (1981) Saturday night. I haven't watched it since the first year I was dating Mrs BH so that's a decade. I need to rewatch it with late 30s eyes and review it. It is the movie my pal that passed away used to quote the most with me. Also, through Googling in the last 24 hours I discovered that information on the actor "The Stick" (Malvert) finally exists. I don't know how long it has been since I last looked, but previously there was only speculation. I was saddened to learn he died in 1989.

              Anyway, for Ricky, for The Stick, and just for shits and giggles, it's my end of the week goal to watch it.


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                How long you think Tommy Jarvis wound up being in the hospital after Jason Lives?

                So, still haven't watched Student Bodies.


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                  Renny wasn't crazy. The dog got scared of the vision of drowning child Jason in the window, too.


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                    Originally posted by Bearded Hoody View Post
                    How long you think Tommy Jarvis wound up being in the hospital after Jason Lives?
                    He seems fine:


                    • 768. Suspiria (2018)

                      A remake of the 1977 classic. More accurately, a homage to the original. Not much resembles the original film save for the setting (female dance academy). I was never a big fan of the 1977 original, but this "homage" actually makes me appreciate it so much more. Gone are the vibrant colors and interesting music. The look and feel of this is drab and the music forgettable. The pace is slow and yet the movie is long (over 2 hours 30 minutes); obviously not a good combination.

                      I enjoyed the film sets, as the movie takes place in Berlin, West Germany (as it was called then) 1977. Reminds me of my childhood in Kitzingen from 1985-89. The ending is somewhat of a payoff; the last 30 minutes was the only time I could really get into. Overall, the whole movie is a confusing mess. I've no idea what kind of point was supposed to be taken away from this; you could look at this on different levels and paint a picture in favor of this film. Some people may like it. Not my thing. Watch the original instead.

                      Rating: 3/10
                      + Talented actresses, memorable ending
                      - Confusing story, plodding pace, boring


                      • Unpopular horror opinion ahead

                        The only Halloween films I take seriously are the original, the sequel from 1981, and H20. I recently purchased Halloween 2018 on Bluray and I am a bit intrigued: "will I like it or not?" I am considering, sort of, not watching the film until October. We shall see.