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  • Hereditary (2018)

    Title Hereditary
    Year 2018
    Rated R
    Released 08 Jun 2018
    Runtime 127 min
    Director Ari Aster
    Writer Ari Aster
    Actors Alex Wolff, Gabriel Byrne, Toni Collette, Milly Shapiro
    Plot After the family matriarch passes away, a grieving family is haunted by tragic and disturbing occurrences, and begin to unravel dark secrets.
    Language English
    Country USA
    Awards N/A
    Production Windy Hill Pictures
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    People hyping up latest comic book movie to be the GOAT and I'm like "psshh, you guys must not have seen Bigfoot rip off a man's dick before in 1980's Night of the Demon."

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    This horror movie is fantastic. I cannot recommend it enough. 10/10. I had no idea of what it was about or had any expectations.

    If you haven't seen this, you're missing out.


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      I'd put this in the recommendation column. It's like Don't Like Now crossed over with elements from Exorcist III presented as an art house project. Actually, that makes no sense as Don't often follows under that same heading. It does confront grief and loss much like Don't as well as dropping clues along the way towards a more sinister presence at work. The Exorcist III moments are easy to spot so no additional comment there. If you've seen any of A24's other films like The Witch and It Comes at Night, this falls in line with those.

      It's well acted by all involved. I know Toni Collette gets much of the praise, but Byrne presents a portrayal of normalcy that would not be easy to do with such limited screen time. His mutterings of trying to keep calm and put up with his wife's antics are sometimes chuckle worthy. The character is a saint in some scenes to do what he does.

      I do have some gripes. The running time is just over two hours and I don't feel it's warranted. The first hour is a family drama with a moment of shock. The following half hour starts ratcheting up it's horror while the final thirty minutes let loose. Expecting a straight up scare-fest and you'll be disappointed. I know nobody should think to experience that, but this is a hyped up movie so temper those expectations. It is unsettling during its first hour and, honestly, it contains some of my favorite moments in spite of feeling like it and the next half hour could have been reduced somewhat. For example, Collette's character and another woman talk about loss in a way that feels natural and hits hard. We know what we've experienced, but sometimes it's easy to forget that everyone else has had a shit time dealing with life as well.

      Unfortunately, there are times when the movie thinks it's smarter than it really is. I'm glad that the title SPOILERis a misdirection and is a twisted choice of a play on words, but the movie does fall prey to predictable moments. Old photo albums SPOILERthat holds a revelation to a insidious past? Check. Is the key to the secret behind the purpose of all the evil located SPOILERin something a character conveniently tosses aside only to realize it later? Oh, yeah.

      Then there are the little things. They don't really matter, but they irk me when watching. Why is the mail piled up in the slot? Sure, the family is screwed up but the dad is holding it together fine. Are we to assume he's never wondered about the mail? How the hell is that kid back in school after the horrific incident? Accident or not, there are repercussions. The odd choice of the story's location, the isolation of the homes, and serious lack of social connections (it's there, but incredibly limited) add to that unsettling feeling I mentioned, but the family (and story) feel like they exist only in a vacuum. Hell, I want to know how Collette's batshit crazy character managed to find a calm and collected guy like Byrne's character to marry. The fact they've been married long enough to have children is truly a work of a higher power.

      Like I mentioned, small gripes. If you've enjoyed A24's other output, this should fall right in line. Also check out Don't Look Now as well. Lastly, give this a shot if you're a fan of quick-cut and totally random head-first dives through high up windows like in Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers. Huh, that's also a movie about SPOILERpassing on a legacy.

      I should add that there are several clues to fill in the story that are dropped in bits and pieces throughout that will likely make more sense in a second viewing.
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      People hyping up latest comic book movie to be the GOAT and I'm like "psshh, you guys must not have seen Bigfoot rip off a man's dick before in 1980's Night of the Demon."