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The Babadook (2014)

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  • The Babadook (2014)

    Title The Babadook
    Year 2014
    Rated NOT RATED
    Released 28 Nov 2014
    Runtime 93 min
    Director Jennifer Kent
    Writer Jennifer Kent
    Actors Essie Davis, Noah Wiseman, Hayley McElhinney, Daniel Henshall
    Plot Amelia, who lost her husband in a car crash on the way to give birth to Samuel, their only child, struggles to cope with her fate as a single mom. Samuel's constant fear of monsters and violent reaction to overcome the fear doesn't help her cause either, which makes her friends become distant. When things can not get any worse, they read a strange book in their house about the 'Babadook' monster that hides in the dark areas of their house. Even Amelia seems to feel the effect of Babadook and desperately tries in vain to destroy the book. The nightmarish experiences the two encounter form the rest of the story.
    Language English
    Country Australia, Canada
    Awards 55 wins & 61 nominations.
    Production IFC Films
    .................................................. ..........................

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    Our foster son loves horror movies. He constantly says to me, "Let's watch a horror movie!"

    Unless that movie is The Babadook.

    We watched it, because to the best of my knowledge, it's not rated R. He said he loves to be scared.

    This movie scared the ever living shit out of him. He refuses to watch it again.

    I don't understand the hidden meaning behind this move. Somehow related to the death of the father, the imagined terror is personified by the actual loss? I really don't fucking know. I refuse to google it to try to gain insight. Taken at face value, this is a well done, creepy movie. I just don't appreciate it as much as most do.

    Still think anybody who can watch it should do so, though. It's still a pretty good flick.


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      I haven't seen it since it came out, but from what I remember the Babadook is a metaphor for the mother's SPOILERresentment towards her son. The entity being captured and contained in the basement is all about the mother holding back her anger at her son over the father's death.
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