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    If you like to draw, paint, or create art and want to share, please do so here. There are typically a lot of talented people in these forums, with stories and/or artwork. Ludo was exceptional; I'd like to see more of her work among others.

    Here's my latest. I usually do not color my work. Technically, this is not my work in the sense I did not create it from scratch, any search of 'Lilo and Stich" will net you this picture.
    I drew this for my niece after I created a birthday card for a foster son (he didn't let us know about his friend's birthday party until late last night. We didn't have a gift or even a card, so I drew Ariel on a card).

    Inspired me to copy some Disney artwork; emphasis on copy.

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    Lesse, do I have any art that isn't... Hmmm... AH, a self portrait!

    BAM! Art!