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    Wow... I went to YouTube and listened to the opening theme. That music brought back lots of memories.


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      I mostly play Resident Evil 4 but currently - zombie trailer park.
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        Re4.... I could play that over and over again.
        Currently on Re0. I had to start over because the "easy" mode was a joke.

        Has anybody played "the evil within part 2?" Or tried the recent necromancer dlc for Diablo III?

        Also... my favorite FF music may be the Chocobo theme from FFV.... It's the original with some (Jamaican?) flair thrown in....


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          Currently drowning in Tamriel on every platform. Got Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Morrowind, Legends, and Online being played constantly right now.


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            The only game I've been playing off and on lately is World of Warships on the PC. It was free to download but then I got addicted.


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              Currently on RE5 for the PS4.
              I have two copies, so eventually my nephew and I will play it on the PSN network.

              The 360 version is superior, you could play the game on two systems via LAN. Now you have to pay for the privilege. I remember linking PS1s to play Doom. Now big brother/daddy has to be in control at all times. What a fucking shame.

              RE5 Shiva AI is dumb as rocks. We have a foster kid who loves this game, I just support him with Shiva. On the superior 360 version, I was able to upgrade my weapons, but now I cannot. It's still a lot of fun. We put it on easy to make up for the inferior interface.

              RE0 is still kicking my ass.


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                Playing The Inpatient VR, which is the prequel to Until Dawn, Even though it's been getting average reviews, I'm enjoying it, and the voice recognition pretty cool.


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                  Right now my kids play COD WWII, Battfield Hardline and Fortnite so I also play those with BF Hardline being my current favorite. I do have to say that Battlefield 2 is probably my all time favorite from years back just because if the teamwork and strategy that was required to play it. I was in a clan that even had practices several times a week. It seems like most of the 1st person shooters are just run and gun these days mixed with a lot of political correctness.


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                    Elevator Action on the PS4. My first game in a couple of years was good enough for 14th best score in the world (72,000). I need to practice a little bit, but yeah... I think I'll top that chart in a couple months. This is one arcade game I'd love to own.


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                      Must have had beginners luck that first game, because I've played it another 12-15 times and haven't topped that score.

                      I did beat the original Dragon's Lair last night. If I had to put tokens up in that bitch, it would have cost me about $20.00 Must've had died about 90-100 times. Game is a lot less forgiving than I remember, but the arcades back in the early 80s were mostly about quick reaction and timing.

                      Found a wii sensor bar a couple of days ago, so I introduced the young ones to the Wii (games work on the Wii U). We did Wii sports and Wii fit.

                      Want to pick up Shadow of the Colossus on the PS4, but I dunno.... I already have it on the PS2 AND PS3 (in storage). Still..... what a tremendous game. Probably worth buying a third time.

                      Originally posted by Craven View Post
                      Playing The Inpatient VR, which is the prequel to Until Dawn, Even though it's been getting average reviews, I'm enjoying it, and the voice recognition pretty cool.
                      Is that available in a physical copy?