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What video game are you currently playing?

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  • What video game are you currently playing?

    Diablo 3 on Xbox.
    Batman: Return to Arkham
    Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past
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    WWE 2k18
    Doom VFR
    Wolfenstein 2


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      Persona 5
      Hitman: Sniper
      Jade Empire


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        Batman: Return to Arkham (about half way through Arkham Asylum.


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          I'm currently going through my library because I have about 60 games accrued from Games of The Month I haven't touched. I was in the middle of Watch Dogs, but it's just too expansive for me to keep my interest right now so I switched over to Darksiders aka Devil May Cry on steroids. I'm enjoying it so far, though it's not really giving me any overall satisfaction. Next up is Tomb Raider.

          As for online gaming, still on F13 once in awhile, and I've been playing the shit out of Fortnite and having A LOT of fun.


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            Darksiders is Zelda on steroids, thank you very much.

            I'm currently playing Skyrim again. Like, in a big way. My current save file has 105 hours in it. I'm also playing Friday the 13th, but mostly in off-line bot mode. The AI is pig dumb, but it's a cathartic way to kill 30 or 40 minutes.
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              Do you have F13 on the PS4, Jeans?

              I just finished RE4 in 2:36 and Super Metroid in whateva time. Pretty much SNES classic games and Diablo III.


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                I've started up a run of Final Fantasy IV on the SNES due to a recent Cinemassacre video giving the urge (even if some of the information in said video is incorrect).


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                  I went at FFIV 3-4 separate times. It's just a really hard game to get into. I do give them kudos for taking away metal weapons in one level and their bravery SPOILERin killing off characters without remorse... unless the twins come back later in the game? I don't know or remember.
                  Did you ever finish the sequel to FFIV?


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                    I've seen videos of most of it, but I don't do modern gaming. The most recent console I have is a Sega CDX as I sold my PS2 and Gamecube about a decade ago.

                    I dig Final Fantasy IV so much probably because I grew up with it. The world, the characters and the epic music all work. I'll easily admit, however, that the section between obtaining "the girl" and "the shipwreck" is a lull.


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                      I'd say 80% of my gaming is 80s/90s games. I still like an occasional new AAA release or indie title. Every so often there's a new game out there that interests me; I'd still like to try Mario Odyssey for example. New consoles also have arcade/classic console games available.

                      Made it about halfway through RE1 on one sitting. I put it on EASY difficulty because I've beaten it on normal 4-5 times. I just want to dick around and kill zombies without having to put much effort into the game.

                      I had FFIV on a virtual console and a PS1 release from WAY WAY back in the day (2002?). I've beaten 1, 2 (Japanese), 3 (Japanese), 5, 6, 7, & 9. I'm a bit of a completest, but my copy of 8 is still sealed from when I bought it in 2001 and no access to IV.

                      I thought Square was going to release an ultimate collection of these games. Did it already release, or was it Japanese only (or a dream I had)?


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                        I love Resident Evil 1 until you come back from the guardhouse. The Hunters are ok, but the catacombs is my least favorite place. At least the labs come after.

                        I have no idea about a possible Final Fantasy ultimate collection. >_<

                        Playing Final Fantasy IV now makes me want to play Phantasy Star IV. I have no idea why since they're so very different.


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                          Currently playing my way through Donkey Kong Country. It's a lot more difficult than I remember.