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Star Wars and Star Trek

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  • Star Wars and Star Trek

    I don't have a preference.
    It may have been a True Romance saying about the Beatles and Elvis... you have to love one more than the other. When it comes to these worlds, I don't. I love them both equally.

    But what about you? How do you feel about either series?

    What are your favorite memories? What is your favorite movie? Your favorite moment? It doesn't matter.
    I personally love the Star Wars of old (70s & 80s) and Star Trek TNG.

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    Well that's an easy one for me. I am a Star Wars man. When Star Wars came out in the theatre when I was a kid my parents took me to see it but after that I went to see it again with other kids who's parents were taking them. I bet most of the kids I grew up around saw Star Wars like 10 times in the theater and who knows how many more times on VHS later. I had the poster in my room (wish I still had it) and many of the action figures. I saw all the Star Trek reruns with William Shatner as a kid too but I have yet to see any of the films.


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      Personally I love Star Wars, but only like Star Trek. Also I consider them to be two different genres. Star Wars is more a fantasy series where Star Trek is more pure Sci-Fi.


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        Now you see... I respect and adore Star Trek, but nothing gets me excited like Star Wars.

        Star Trek is like that safe, comfy relationship that keeps you warm... until that hot ex rolls in with all the sex. That's Star Wars.


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          I grew up loving Star Wars and more so when I received the trilogy set of VHS tapes for Christmas in 1995. I wore those suckers out! I remember seeing the special edition of Return of the Jedi in theaters even. I still have a box full of the Power of the Force action figures they released in 1995 all the way up to when they started doing Episode One figures. All unopened and still in their boxes. Too bad they won't be worth jack, but oh well. Then around the time of the prequel trilogy, my interest waned. I've seen The Force Awakens and Rogue One, but on BD at home. I still have not seen The Last Jedi. I honestly find myself not caring about the Star Wars universe any longer or most of its characters. Even the older trilogy doesn't appeal to me the same way. Don't misunderstand, I find them to be fun, popcorn engagements, but I don't LOVE the movies like I once did.

          Over the years, I've instead gravitated to Star Trek. I never saw much of the original series growing up, but I was the right age for The Next Generation. However, I only watched random episodes here and there. When Deep Space 9 aired, that was when I was hooked. To this day it's still my favorite series of the Star Trek franchise. Voyager is, well, mixed. It's funny how often Janeway would change her mind about the Prime Directive whenever it suited her needs. When the reboot came out, I finally dove into the original series. If I had tried this earlier in my life, it probably would not have resonated with me. When I finally started watching the adventures of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy (keep in mind I had seen all the films though), I was getting heavy into classic television like The Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits. Star Trek's offering of 60's era science fiction mixed with social commentary is exactly what I yearned to see more of and it was the perfect time in my life to fully introduce myself to the series. I continued further and checked out Star Trek: The Animated Series and finished the first six films. The Animated Series feels so underrated to me as it allowed for all the wacky sci-fi shenanigans the original series wanted to do, but was refrained from doing so. Eventually, I'll pick up The Next Generation BD complete set and keep on trekking my way through the shows with a fresh perspective.

          In short: Star Trek is something I'm excited to watch. Star Wars is something I now wait to come out for home viewing and even then, who knows when I'll care to get around to it.


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            Chex.... I have daughters who really appreciate everything retro from vinyl LP's to my taste in film but I have NEVER tried to get them to watch Star Trek: The Original Series. After reading your post I realized my mistake and I may plan introduce them to the USS Enterprise this weekend.


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              Oh man, good luck with that. Then again, if they've got your taste in film they may enjoy it.

              It's definitely not a show for everyone. As weird as this sounds, it's not even show for some "trekkies" as it is very much of its time. I'm all about history plus social commentary and seeing how shows / movies made a message about that time period they were created and the 1960's is perfect for that and works me now. Eight, ten, 20 years ago? Nah.


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                LOL ... we watched the first episode last night and I don’t think they want to see a second one. On the other hand it was so much better than I remembered. Spock deployed a Polish hammer strike 7 times against shape shifter creature while it was in human female form. It was great.


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                  Was she the salt beast? Her man-killing skills were on point.

                  Star Trek TOS (the original series) can be hard to get into as it's so dated. The visuals leave a lot to be desired. Despite the creator's progressive thinking, you can still see 60s paradigms/thinking by the way the crew (especially slutty whore Kirk) treat women. That said, I'm watching TOS from start to finish. It was on heavy rotation back in the 80s, but I could not get into much (loved the movies back then). Have an appreciation for classic horror movies, so why not sci-fi? Also, I dig some of their FUTURE technology and groovy wardrobe choices. It's goofy, but fun. McCoy, Spock, and (man slut) Kirk are endearing characters. Hell, even the rebooted movies are a lot of fun.

                  It seems like a lot of trekkies/trekkers LOVE DS9. I'll get into that after TOS.

                  I'm going with Chex on this one. After seeing The Last Jedi, my excitement for the Star Wars is all but gone. I still love the original trilogy, but that love has waned over the years. I prefer Trek over Wars. The Last Jedi seemed like a drama that, for the most part, could be on a small screen. Part of the appeal (for me) was that Star Wars movies used to be an event, and now we get one every damn year. Rogue One was great, but the main series is just.... bland.

                  Avoided Star Trek Discovery for several months because of all the internet bitching (lousy acting, mostly focused on one character/protagonist, muh social justice, etc.). Count me in the minority, but I burned through the first 13 episodes in two days. I thoroughly enjoyed STD, warts and all (goofy parallel universe is goofy). A lot of people think it sucks, but oh well.


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                    The original series is so much fun when you put your mind in the right place and adjust to it. It also helps if you watch the first season in its correct order. I don't think the BD set I have does so, but it makes a difference as the secondary characters like Sulu receive development more consistently. It's a dated show, but it's entertaining as hell while capturing the issues of the time. Definitely check out the animated series afterwards. Due to the format, the show isn't restrained by budget limitations so it really goes for weird alien designs. Plus, most of the actors come back to do the voice work. The stories give a chance for secondary characters to really shine as well like Uhura.

                    I never checked out Discovery. I figure it can't be that bad considering I used to watch Voyager. I don't feel like paying for the ability to watch it through CBS's streaming site though.
                    LOL ... we watched the first episode last night and I don’t think they want to see a second one. On the other hand it was so much better than I remembered. Spock deployed a Polish hammer strike 7 times against shape shifter creature while it was in human female form. It was great.
                    Oh man, the salt water creature is....different. It was a valiant effort though.


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                      Caught the last two episodes of Discovery... I'm wondering when they'll actually do some exploring? I mean, when they're done shitting on the original timeline. Starting to understand why people have disdain for this series.