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    If you have Amazon Prime, all of the 2005 version of Doctor Who is free to watch. That'd be a good place to go.

    Also, on February 13th, BBC Worldwide is releasing a 16 disc set of the Complete Peter Capaldi Years. This is comprised of series 8, 9, 10, and three Christmas specials (including next week's Twice Upon a Time). I don't own any of the Capaldi years on blu-ray yet, so I'm strongly considering picking it up.

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      I do have Prime so I guess I’ll start with the 2005 series. Something to do for the week I’m off at Christmas.


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        Been re-watching the rebooted series form the beginning with the kids. Decided that Ecclestone is a much better doctor with the context of the War Doctor. Still not a big fan though - but I put that down to the writing rather than his performance. And what was with the ridiculously long names for everything?

        The Empty Child genuinely scared the living crap out of my 6 year old- it was interesting to get a child's perspective of the series and he's not normally scared of anything.