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  • Martin (1978)

    I watched Martin recently and it's stuck in my mind for several days since. Set in Pittsburg with all the old houses and industry plus all the black and white flash back sequences really bring this film to life. The characters are so great with Martin being the most sensitive vampire I have ever seen, if he really is one. I just think it is one of Romero's best films and I love how it's left open ended. What does everyone think of this one?

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    For some reason, I still have yet to see Martin despite knowing about it. I've seen most of Romero's filmography, but it. Anyway, everything youdescribed is exactly what I've heard on numerous occasions and it usually ranks at the top of lists containing his best work.


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      Martin is a very good film. Top three Romero for sure. Would love to see the (supposed) 3 hr cut - not sure but I think it was just a rough cut, not final in any way - but still...
      Chex, you definitely need to check this one out. Although I don’t think Romero is the master director (style wise) that others make him out to be, a movie like Martin still shows that he was more than the living dead.


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        Yeah, some of non-Dead films are oddities and are not always surefire entertainment. I was waiting on BD release, but I think the rights with it are with Rubenstein. If I'm not wrong, then who knows when it will get released. I see the DVD all the time a local store so I'll nab it next time I'm there. Will it live up to years of hype? Maybe!