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    Saw the trailer and it looks good. Here's hoping the actual movie is good.

    I recently realized that there's one small problem for me with ignoring the other sequels to HALLOWEEN. I feel like doing so robs Michael of some of his mystique. Not all of it, just some of it. Michael's not supposed to be just anyone, he's the Boogeyman. He's purely and simply evil. If you take away the inhuman things that he's done, suddenly he doesn't seem quite as special anymore. As it is now, Michael has killed four people (I think), got shot, got taken back into custody, and has spent the last 40 years locked up. There are lots of bad people out there who have killed four people. There are people out there who have killed more than four people. And, there are people out there who managed to get away with murder for a longer period of time. What then makes Michael special? What makes him the Boogeyman? Why should anyone who lives in the world of these movies find Michael to be memorable or deserving of being feared more than any other killer? If they had at least left part 2 in there, I think the nickname would still apply, because then his body count would be higher (most of them killed in one night), and Michael would have demonstrated why he is the Boogeyman and not just another psycho with a knife by getting shot six times and then just walking away, getting shot in the eyes and not even falling down, and then nearly getting blown to kingdom come and still trying to pursue his target. .


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      To briefly summarize my thoughts:

      I am just grateful that we have a Halloween movie and that the trailer looks good.