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  • Leatherface (2017)

    no thread for this???

    well, what did everyone think?

    i went into it totally blind, no trailer, and i fucking LOVED this movie. the twist...

    HOLY SHIT i did not see that coming at all.

    SPOILERi thought the fat kid was Leatherface, then he got killed and i was like WTF. the real Leatherface, Jackson/Jed, was AWESOME in this role. when he beat that cop to death with his fists, that was technically Leatherface's very first kill. when he got shot in the fuckin face, again awesome!

    the ending was pure bliss. the alternate ending is great too.

    <3 Young Leatherface

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    I own it on DVD.

    Unfortunately, I already knew the ending because the studio had the brilliant idea of revealing the name of the actor who would be Leatherface.

    I think it was a good movie, but there were a few missed opportunities.

    SPOILERThe filmmakers toyed with the idea of having the girl become Leatherface. I think that would have been a really transgressive, original ending.


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      The fat kid becoming Leatherface was an obvious red herring you should have known wouldn't be the case. The whole concept of the movie was WHO was to be Leatherface. If they were going to make it that obvious, then they wouldn't have bothered making the "who is it" aspect such a big deal. Jackson being the one made sense as far as surprise because you couldn't buy he'd grow into the stocky giant we see in the 1973 movie which is why you think it would be Bud.

      As far as the girl becoming Leatherface, you mean the blonde haired girl? I couldn't buy her being Leatherface at all and him turning out to be a girl after all of this time seems redundant. The reception would have not been great at all. It might have worked if they tied in "The Next Generation" into the mix where Leatherface was wearing make-up and dresses.

      The fact they had to go and make a prequel shows they ran out of steam for this franchise. There's no way to really move forward with the story. Time to retire Leatherface for good. The endless continuities and the faulty timeline that was presented in 3D is enough to not even go forward with that one anymore and I certainly don't want to see any more. Platinium Dunes' take on the character was perhaps the biggest success of the franchise and that time line had potential of going forward for years, but they had to go the prequel route because they fucked up cutting off Leatherface's arm at the end of their first movie and they probably couldn't think to have him kill profoundly with one arm.


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        It would have felt transgressive if the blonde girl became Leatherface (and I know the directors toyed with this idea), but I think most fans would not be happy.

        Also, everyone knew the identity of Leatherface because his identity was revealed before the movie came out. The actor himself gave an interview saying he'd play Leatherface.

        My thoughts: For a low-budget, straight-for-TV movie shot in Bulgaria, it is actually not bad. Lili Taylor stole the show.


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          I didn’t like it, unfortunately. I didn’t enjoy watching it - I did it out of obligation to the franchise - and I didn’t enjoy the story. It felt like a road trip escape movie that someone wrote a while ago, and then a studio decided to slap the Leatherface name on it and re-write a few scenes to make it more relatable. It didn’t capture the horror or story or feel of TCM 1-4.

          I don’t want to be one of those keyboard warriors that has an opinion on everything and likes to shit over an artist’s work - and it’s not that at all. I just didn’t enjoy the direction of the film. It had some great bits in it. The pig mask? Awesome. The production of the film itself? Great! I just didn’t buy into the story, unfortunately. I’m hoping that the reception of this film guides the direction of the next film. BTW I loved Texas Chainsaw 3D