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Leatherface (2017)

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  • Leatherface (2017)

    no thread for this???

    well, what did everyone think?

    i went into it totally blind, no trailer, and i fucking LOVED this movie. the twist...

    HOLY SHIT i did not see that coming at all.

    SPOILERi thought the fat kid was Leatherface, then he got killed and i was like WTF. the real Leatherface, Jackson/Jed, was AWESOME in this role. when he beat that cop to death with his fists, that was technically Leatherface's very first kill. when he got shot in the fuckin face, again awesome!

    the ending was pure bliss. the alternate ending is great too.

    <3 Young Leatherface

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    I own it on DVD.

    Unfortunately, I already knew the ending because the studio had the brilliant idea of revealing the name of the actor who would be Leatherface.

    I think it was a good movie, but there were a few missed opportunities.

    SPOILERThe filmmakers toyed with the idea of having the girl become Leatherface. I think that would have been a really transgressive, original ending.