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  • Slender Man (May, 2018)

    The long gestating theatrical Slender Man feature film is finally on the horizon. Per Screen Rant:

    Screen Gems’ Slender Man movie has gotten a new poster ahead of tomorrow’s first trailer release. Sylvain White (Stomp the Yard) directed the horror film from a script by David Birke and Victor Surge. Javier Botet (IT) plays the supernatural, child-snatching title character. The movie also stars Jaz Sinclair (Paper Towns), Joey King (The Conjuring), Julia Goldani Telles (The Affair), Annalise Basso (Ouija 2), and Kevin Chapman (Mystic River).

    The Slender Man myth first began in 2009 as a creepypasta meme originated by Eric Knudson aka Victor Surge. Knudson’s images of a tall, thin, black-suited man menacing groups of children quickly spawned an entire ever-evolving, crowd sourced mythology. Slender Man soon crossed over into general pop culture, even inspiring an episode of Law & Order: SVU. 2014’s Slender Man stabbing case, involving two 12-year-old girls who attempted to murder a classmate while allegedly under the influence of the Slender Man, brought new attention to the spooky internet meme. The stabbing case, and the meme behind it, were chronicled in the 2016 documentary Beware the Slenderman.

    A few very forgettable Z-grade movies have previously exploited the Slender Man myth. Additionally, several slightly higher grade films have featured villains that vaguely resembled The Slender Man. That list of illustrious films includes 2012’s The Tall Man starring Jessica Biel, 2015’s awkwardly titled Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story and last year’s risible Bye Bye Man.

    Screen Gems’ Slender Man has one advantage over all the knock-offs: a script co-written by Slender Man creator Victor Surge. We’ll see whether Surge’s input results in a genuinely creepy Slender Man take. With his spooky appearance, Slender Man should have the makings of a new horror icon. Though so far, no one has successfully worked out how to make the boogeyman figure work as a movie character.

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    I'm really into the Slender Man creepy pasta -- and I like that the creator, Victor Surge, was involved in the film's script -- so I'm glad it's FINALLY coming, and I'll be looking forward to seeing the trailer tomorrow evening.
    "How do you turn this off, then?"